Jänkäkoira fishing trips

Jänkäkoira is an activity company specialized in fishing. It was founded in 2014 by Juhani “Junnu” Korpela, an enthusiastic fisherman and northerner. Jänkäkoira operates in Vuostimo, a small village in the Kemijärvi municipality next to the longest river in Finland, the River Kemijoki. The fishing trips are mainly directed to the River Kemijoki and other waterways nearby.

The fishing trips begin from the Vuostimo boat shore from which we´ll make tailor-made trips to fish by trolling, using a jig or we´ll learn the secrets of throw fishing in the River Kemijoki. The River Kemijoki is known for grand pikes that are caught many times in the fishing season. The largest of pikes may weigh up to 15 kg and will make any lucky fisherman grin widely when caught. We follow instructions given on undersized and oversized fish and for example release all pikes over 90cm long. It is also possible to catch wild trout that weigh up to seven kilos. We´ll use traditional motorized handmade boat or Sun Tracker Catamaran and if so we´ll take a car or a boat and head to the free flowing rapids of Loukas or Jänkäläinen. In these streams it is possible to catch a wild trout or an ill-tempered grayling.

The nearby river Javarus is a fine waterway that joins the river Kemijoki. The river Javarus is an excellent choice for fly fishing. It is possible to wade across the river and rest at a lean-to shelter on the bank and enjoy lunch. If the customer wishes, the catch can be prepared on the spot and taken home.

Juhani ”Junnu” Korpela is responsible for the excursions to the rivers. English is spoken on the fishing trips.


Email: info@jankakoira.fi

Tel.+358 50 5412877